Saturday, April 10, 2010

I need You.

Bliss. The very word is just... blissful! That is how I feel today. Just content and happy and calm and blissful. I've been all annoyed and stressed about stupid stuff, and it's my fault and nobody else's, I really don't have a care in the world compared to what most people have to face in their lives. I guess I've just been letting Satan attack me with my own thoughts, emotions and actions. Wow that's the scary part. Satan can use our actions to attack us. Yikes :/ Luckily, God started tugging at me and I snapped out of it and went "whoa! hel-LO! where am I??"

And I couldn't even answer that question.
Looked like I was in a snare.
Hmmm. That's not good.

So thankful for Him and His love and all of the incredible things that manifest within it! I think the Beatles were right when they say "All we need is love". We need forgiveness and compassion and guidance, but all things good manifest within love. It's like the foundation, and all good things come up from it. And love is sooo confused today with EMOTION. Love is not a feeling, or an emotion; love is so much more. It is an action. A sacrifice. Love is GOD.

I had a 4H meeting last night (and seeing as how I am president, it's kind of mandatory that I show up) and I didn't get to cowboy church until 7:30 (it started at 6:30). Jeff Gore was there last night, and he is an incredible man. An incredible Christian, friend, singer, just one of those awesome people that you feel so blessed to even encounter. I caught the last ten minutes of the sermon and worship service, but even those few powerful moments convicted me of who I have been for a little while now. I don't like it... so I asked God to change it. Amazing how true the "ask and you shall receive" bit is. Instant forgiveness. That is bliss!!

Anyways, this past week I was in a song writing mood and I spit three out. One is a worship song that came during this whole revelation thing. It's so much better with the music, but I'll post the lyrics for ya'll's critique, observation, admiration (ha :P) and etc.

Follow The Light
He calls me precious; He calls me beautiful
Though I stray from Him, I know He never lets go
His love's a promise; it's timeless, it's eternity
Protection from seduction of the enemy
I am a sinner; I am a trespasser; I stray from His word - so far
He draws me near again, so that I may dwell in His grace
May be cradled in His arms- my rightful place.
For God so loved me, that HE sent His only son to spill His blood, so that I may be saved
From the world and all its snares; from Lucifer, from myself
He has rescued me from death, I breathe Him, I breathe life
I breathe life, I live grace; I see the way, hear the truth, follow the light
I need you, God I need you; I need redemption, love and forgiveness- I need you.


  1. There we go! I remember asking about how your poetry is going. I like it. Now I need to hear it with moosic.


  2. Haha if we are ever together somewhere that coincidentally has a piano, I'll play it for you ;)

  3. love it! a short version of the gospel.

  4. I have a piano. Come over, I will grill you something from a dead animal and you can sing! We have Blue Bell ice cream too...

  5. Sure BK! I think you are a little distant though.


  6. Well Joshua I guess this'll have to be a case of it's the thought that counts! Caitlin, I tagged you at my blog!